All I got in this world is my balls and my word

As the official start of the Summer of George draws closer one of the unanticipated perks of being so close to having nothing to do is that I no longer feel guilty about spending time watching dumb TV. When you’re working and really only have the weekends your list of “I really should be doing X instead of watching this Gigolos marathon” tends to be pretty long. But when you are soon to be electively unemployed….well then, you have 24 hours a day, seven days a week of “Ooooohhhh lookie! Gigolos Season 2 marathon is on!  Yay!” to look forward to.

So it was in this spirit that I snuggled deeper into the couch cushions yesterday afternoon to watch A Thousand Words starring Mr. Should Have Called It Quits After Shrek And Ended On A High Note Eddie Murphy. Now don’t get me wrong. I am a huge fan of Eddie’s. But the Eddie of Delirious and SNL and Trading Places, when he was just exploding onto the scene all raw and unpolished and you would have given anything to see one of his live standup shows. You know, the Eddie before The Adventures of Pluto Nash. The 2012 recycled, certified organic version of Eddie just didn’t interest me when all I had was an hour here and there to waste in front of the telly. But now….now I have all the time in the world SO MAKE ME LAUGH EDDIE, YOU FUNNY ASS MOTHERFUCKER!

Surprising no one, the movie was lame (aside from a few bouts of classic Eddieisms). But what it lacked in originality and writing/acting/producing talent it more than made up for in its future contributions to making the Summer of George specfreakintacular.

Warning! Spoiler Alert!

There is a scene about halfway through where Eddie, a literary agent, has to close a big deal over a conference call from his office but since he can’t talk  — because talking makes the leaves fall off a magic tree and when all the leaves are gone he will die (yes I’m serious, you can’t make this stuff up) — he winds up grabbing a bunch of talking toys and games from people’s desks and then uses them as his “voice” to close the deal. If you’re having trouble picturing this think of all the random crap people in your office accumulate over the years that makes sounds and you’ll get it.

It was during this scene that I made a discovery that is sure to change the future of the Summer of George in ways I, or anyone, can’t even imagine.

So without further ado… say hello to my little friend.

He should be arriving next week. Hopefully in time for our trip to wine country. I think Tony would really enjoy that.

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3 replies

  1. Loved them all, my favorite would be “All I got in this world”. A couple of notes:

    1) I am not saying I loved them because you are engaged to my boss
    2) He only showed me 1 blog, I was curious and entertained enough to keep reading on
    3) For the record I thought Eddie died in 1992 after Boomerang
    4) I find receptionists as helpful as airline employees
    5) I am not signing up because you are engaged to my boss, I repeat I am not signing up becaue you are engaged to my boss. ( I haven’t impressed him in 2 years anyway)

    Keep them coming and enjoy your summer of leisure.


  1. Tony! You’ve Got Some Splainin’ To Do! « Summer Of George

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