He’s here! He’s here!

Like most things, blogging is not easy. You actually have to work at it like anything else. Which is nothing if not annoying as all hell. Particularly given the fact that I quit my job for the express purpose of NOT working. You know?

To be fair, the lack of posting is 50 percent logistics related. I was traveling; I hadn’t had time to replace my work laptop; iPads suck; the six back-episodes of Storage Wars weren’t going to watch themselves and so on. The other 50 percent? Well lets just say that getting adjusted to my new life of leisure did not take nearly as much time as I had thought it would. It might take 10,000 hours to become an expert on most things but sitting on one’s ass doing nothing is not one of them. In fact, if they made ass lounging an Olympic sport I would give Michael Phelps a run for his money fo’ sho’.

The good news is that I have recently found the motivation I have been searching for. Seems like all it takes for me to write is a gun pointing at my head.

My new boyfriend.

Internet meet Tony. Tony meet the Internet.

Isn’t he just dreamy you guys? Devastatingly handsome, sharp dresser and he’s loaded (pun intended.) I mean sure, he may have a slight anger management problem, and he may like to snort his body weight in Columbian marching powder from time to time, and he may have difficulty expressing his feelings in a positive and constructive manner but none of that matters — he’s tiny, he’s cuban and he’s MINE!

I think what I most appreciate about Tony is that he is always there when I need some extra motivation when writing. If I find my energy or commitment waning all it takes is a sweet, encouraging “You got good stuff here. Classy chit.” or a tough but fair “Why don’t you try sticking your head up your ass. See if it fits.” and I’m back in business.

Thank you Tony. Please don’t kill me.

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