Wine. Nap. Donut.

To celebrate my monumental (not really) decision to quit my job J and I took a mini-break to Napa last weekend. J had a meeting in LA the following week and so we flew out a few days early to play and fill our bellies with California’s best.

I am a huge wine connoisseur. And by huge I mean I don’t know shit about wine other than I like crisp whites from New Zealand and reds you can chew from Italy. But I majorly needed to de-stress and the booze laden sunshine was calling.

We stayed in Calistoga at an out of the way resort that while threateningly close to taking itself too seriously (they had two bocce ball courts for Christ’s sake) was chic and peaceful with views to die for. Built on a former horse ranch, the Solage Calistoga is a compact collection of luxury studios nestled among massive ancient oaks, delicate lavender and jasmine plants and silvery grey (all female) olive trees. (Did you know trees could have a gender? So random.)

Some images: Betcha you can’t tell which are mine and which are the high-res photos provided by the Solage media department. (Hint: the Solage photos are the ones that don’t suck.)

The pool. Duh.

Main house

The spa where we got our mud slides. The treatment, not the cocktails. Which come to think of it was a huge miss on the part of the Solage. (I am a marketing genius.)

Yes, I tried to eat it. And yes, I had to spit it out. J was not amused.

We had a lovely time. The days quickly took on a familiar pattern — one which I had not enjoyed since college but one which I am sure will be repeated many, many, many times in the coming months. It went like this:

Wake. Eat. Nap. Eat. Wine. Eat. Nap. Wine. Eat. Wine. Sleep.

I think there was a movie in there somewhere and I did manage to read a book by my main and super creepy man Mr. Stephen King but mostly it was a lot of Eat and Sleep and Wine.

Some more images: These are all mine. Basically if I couldn’t eat it I did not bother taking a photo of it.

Made to order cinnamon and sugar donut holes. The Solage “made to order” these for me a lot.

Cast iron casserole of baked eggs with seared späetzle, baby spinach, melted fontina and bacon-laced breadcrumbs. They called this the “Mountain Climber” which I found ironic for obvious reasons.

Lemon-ricotta pancakes with blueberry syrup and toasted pine nuts.

Lemon-creme parfait with swanton farms strawberries and crushed oatmeal cookies.

The food at the Michelin-starred Solbar was exquisite. We took most of our meals there because from the first morning’s basket of house-made baked goods and organic french-press coffee we were hooked. The fact that the restaurant was a short walk from our room may have also had something to do with it as Eat was often followed by Nap and I am nothing if not efficient.

It was a perfect getaway and exactly what I needed. The Solage is awesome and we are planning another long weekend for late fall, right around the time when they switch over their seasonal menu.

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9 replies

  1. ‘Quit my job’ … one of the most wonderful phrases in the English language 🙂

    The seared spaetzle sounds interesting… any more details?

  2. All that is missing is the picture of the beautiful people;)

  3. The food looks so good!! Love the title of this post, made me smile when I read it.

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