Triple Letter Score

Saturday morning, and I am holed up at my mother’s in CT. After almost a week of being a stressed out freak — will the power go out? will a tree fall on the house and crush us in our sleep? what’s going on with the apartment? is everyone safe? when will my cell phone die? do we have enough batteries? where can we get gas? when will the power go back on? should we try to get a hotel room in the city? where should we sleep tonight? if this happens, what do we do? if that happens, what do we do?

This is how my brain works. I don’t like not being in control. Plans are important. Plan B’s are even more important. Plan C’s are also important — you know, just in case.

At the end of the day, we’re fine. More than fine. House is safe. Everyone we love is safe. And the week did have its special moments.

Cooking by candlelight. Yay for having a gas stove!

Wine by candlelight. Yay for wine!

J kicking my ass in Scrable by candlelight. Booooooooo!

I have other thoughts on this past week. Most center on things like getting a generator and moving the hell out of lower Manhattan. Others on things like simplifying our lives and figuring out what kind of life we want to live. But it will all have to wait because my mom has been cooking nonstop since yesterday morning (all of my favorite stuff from when I was a kid) and I need to plan out how I’m going to shove it all in within the next twenty-four hours. Priorities, people.

Hope you and your loved ones are safe and sound.

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