Love New York Style

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day in NYC. Full of sunshine and warm enough to ditch the big puffy coat and Uggs that I have been living in for the past six weeks. A day that demanded that I step away from my macbook and spend as much time as possible outside. A perfect day, in fact, to scratch off one of the items on my NYC bucket list — to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.


I set off right as the sun was starting to break through. And while the photo above makes it seems as if I had the place to myself, it was morning rush hour and the city was alive and in motion all around me. Cars whizzed by a level below, ferries, fat with Wall Street commuters, criss crossed the East River, and annoyingly hip Brooklynites walked or biked their way to what I’m sure were annoyingly hip jobs on the Lower East Side.

The views, of course, did not disappoint.




But the views I expected. And they were, after all, ones I had seen many times before. So that feeling of discovery that I love about sightseeing was missing. But then this first cool thing happened…


Hi random fashion shoot


Totals Carrie Bradshaw.

And then this second cool thing……


Love locks! Clusters of padlocks that couples from all over the world had chained here as a promise of never-ending devotion to one another.  Just like at the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris, although on a much smaller scale.

Lock Cluster






Those that didn’t have a lock chose to express themselves in a more traditional — more New Yorkie — sort of way.




I love that this exists here. This bridge has seen some terrible things. It spends each day looking out at a skyline which was forever changed a decade ago. Yet, every day people choose to celebrate their love for one another on its wooden-slatted boulevard. There’s just something so awesome about that, don’t you think?

But at the end of the day, it is still New York we’re talking about, and as lovely as this city can be — it never let’s you forget who you’re dealing with.

This is SO something I would do.

Now go get your butts outside people. Winter is coming.


If you want to know more about the Brooklyn Bridge you can read about it here. Or check out this video from Geobeats.

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  1. Hi Rio. Long time no chat. Went to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoy your Summer of George. Hope I get to see you soon but that probably will not be till the end of March. Crazy travel and fun things planned on my side. Big hug and all the best Jeff

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