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A few years ago, while I was still single, I decided to hire a professional decorator to help transform my small one bedroom from a comfortable but uninspired place where I crashed for the night after a long day at work into a beautiful and peaceful escape from the craziness of the city. I went the decorator route because at a certain point in life you just have to embrace your limitations. I know good design when I see it (I think?), but I don’t have the time, knowledge or, frankly, the interest to sift through hundreds of paint samples to find that perfect shade of pale grey that will blend seamlessly with the slightly darker shade of pale grey of the linen fabric samples. Plus, I had wasted enough money over my lifetime buying something that looked awesome in the 20,000 square foot store but not so much in my 650 sq. foot apartment.

Since my budget was on the smaller side I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find someone who was talented and willing to work on a smaller job. So when my friend S connected me with Tricia, a young but experienced designer who was just starting out on her own — and who totally got what I was going for — I jumped on it.

And here’s where we ended up. (All images by Don Kim, friend of the designer).



Velvet sofa and linen chair/ottoman from ABC Carpet and Home.


White Queen by Marcel Wanders from Lumas.


Accessories and end table from Calypso St. Barth.


Original M Shop Design coffee table in iron and beveled antiqued mirror.

Media storage unit from Room & Board. M Shop designed custom antiqued mirror. OMG PEOPLE — THIS THING IS GORGEOUS! (I want to be buried with it.)

Desk from Room & Board. Mirror from Horchow. Antique desk lamps with custom shades.


M Shop custom design bar in grey lacquer and reverse painted glass with horn and nickel accents.

Antique champagne flutes (found by Tricia). Various vintage accessories, many from Etsy.


Geoffrey, from my favorite Etsy shop.


Living room view at the time.

M Shop designed bed. Vintage bench from Shabby Chic in Soho.

Antique wood, iron and crystal wall sconce.


M Shop designed custom antiqued mirror. Salvaged wood dresser from Shabby Chic in Soho.

Charcoal grey and white galley kitchen with custom wood blinds.

I loved where we ended up. And I loved the process. Tricia would bring me ideas and narrowed down choices for fabrics and finishes and we would make the final decisions together. She was conscious of staying within my budget and was able to incorporate some of my existing pieces and artwork into the design (which also kept costs down). She was there for every install and delivery, supervised all painting and light installations, dealt with any issues that came up and never tried to push me into getting something that I didn’t absolutely love. Most importantly, I never felt like she was trying to sell me something that was overly pricey and happily brought me alternatives if I wasn’t comfortable with the price tag.

Best part of the story is that I wound up meeting J about six months into redecoration and moved out of the apartment less than a year after it was done. We’re now working with Tricia to help us make our New Jersey home just as warm and beautiful. We’ve been able to incorporate most of the pieces from my apartment throughout various rooms in the house and were even able to repurpose the linen window panels.

I cannot recommend Tricia’s services enough. If you’d like her contact info shoot me a note. She doesn’t have a website yet. I keep trying to shame her into getting one. Maybe this will help?

Stay warm people. I’m keeping cozy by working / blogging from an out-of-this-world new bakery that I’ll tell you about later this week. There are croissants and chocolate babka involved.

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  1. Sumptuous and cozy at the same time…love it!

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