Breads Bakery

Morning all!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll no doubt have noticed that I tend to have an affinity for the almighty carb. Basically, I’ve never met a baked good that I didn’t like. Which is why when I learned that a new bakery was opening in Union Square I headed there straightway — you know, for research purposes.

Breads Bakery (at 18 E. 16th street) is the first U.S. location of Israeli baker, Uri Scheft. Scheft is somewhat of a local legend in his native Tel Aviv, where he runs the Lehamin bakery, and boy are we happy that he decided to bring his talents our way.



The bakery is huge — over  9,000 square feet of deliciousness. It has an open, loft-like floor plan so that as you’re picking out your goodies in the front of the store you can sneak a peek at the white-aproned crew of bakers in the back as they whip up fresh batches of croissants, cheese sticks, seeded ryes and babkas. There is also a small section of seating, so that you can enjoy your purchases straight away.

The manager wasn’t keen on me taking photos of the store inside — which I totally don’t get — but that didn’t mean I couldn’t sneak some shots of my own indulgences. So I guess if you want to see the whole operation, you’ll just have to go there. How sad for you.


You know a good latte when you see it. It wasn’t frou-frou pretty and the espresso was roasted perfectly and packed a punch.


I find most chocolate croissants in this city to be on the sucky side. This one hit the mark. Still warm, it had the right ratio of pastry to chocolate and had a crunchy, buttery flake. Yummy.

As I was enjoying my breakfast, one of the servers brought over a little sample plate so that I could try some of their other specialties.


There was rugelach, carrot cake, chocolate babka, jalapeno corn bread, brownie and a seed roll. All were tasty, but the babka….oh, the babka, THAT was transformative. There is really nothing more I can say about it. Other than I had to buy a full-sized one to bring home as I could not imagine the next twenty-four hours of my life without it.

The image below doesn’t do it justice. So, again, I guess you’ll just have to go and try it for yourself. Bummer.


Babka, you complete me.


Oh yea, and I got this little guy as well. A perfect loaf of seeded rye.

Breads also serves soups and sammiches, so you can swing by for lunch if breakfast pastry is not your thing (freako). 🙂

Have a great day you guys!

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