Why I love Valentine’s Day in NYC

I was going to post about Valentine’s Day tomorrow. J and I are going to one of our favorite restaurants in the city and I wanted to share that with you guys and still plan to. But I am feeling particularly mushie today, which is not an everyday occurrence (to say the least) and thus must be documented.

Maybe it’s because I’m so crazy in love with J, or because I’m a lot less stressed these days, or maybe it’s because blogging makes you hyper aware of your surroundings (is that something? can I write about that? What’s that?!? Is that interesting?) but for the first time I’ve noticed how adorable this city gets during this manufactured holiday. AND I FREAKING LOVE IT!

The subway is full of boys protectively clutching pink-papered bouquets of every flower imaginable. The sidewalks and restaurants are peppered with girls carrying roses back to offices after romantic lunches. Street corners are dotted with tiny dogs wearing even tinier red sweaters. And everyone is smiling. Well, not everyone. I mean, it’s still New York. But today I’m ignoring those elements of the city (I’m looking at you homicidal bike messenger). Today I’m all goofy and smiley, and if I were an anime cartoon I’d be batting my freakishly huge eyes and have heart-shaped bubbles floating and popping around my freakishly huge head.

I’m not big on over-the-top Valentine’s Day presents. A chocolate truffle or two, or some flowers, are lovely and always welcome. But a card…a card is a must have in my book. I would take a sweet note over a schmancy gift any day.

And this year, as he has every year, J did not disappoint.


He also gave me a lock. One for us to take to the Ponts des Arts bridge in Paris one day soon.


Happy Valentine’s Day you guys! xoxoxo

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