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Yesterday was a day full of emails and errands. It was freezing so I had to use some strategery to minimize my time outdoors. Since most of my errands were in Soho, I stayed in the area and just wound my way in and out of chic cafes in between appointments. An unfortunate byproduct of which was that I wound up consuming an alarming amount of soy lattes. (Word of advice, if you’re around me when I’m overcaffienated you will either have the time of your life or run screaming from the room. If you’re the gambling kind then we should totally hang out at an espresso bar one of these days.)

Anywho, as a treat to myself for having such a productive day I decided to pop into my absolutely favorite place in this part of town, Dean & DeLuca’s Soho Market at 560 Broadway. Of all of the Dean & DeLuca’s in NYC, this one is my favorite. The store is set in a 10,000 square foot industrial loft, with super tall ceilings, soaring exposed columns and glossy white tiles. The space was designed to feel like an outdoor market and the various goods and sundries are displayed so artfully that you feel like you’re walking through a museum. A museum dedicated to ridiculously overpriced groceries. (Seriously, the prices in this place make Whole Foods look like a bodega.)

As I walked around trying to decide what yummy treat to get (oh who am I kidding, we all know this story will end with a cupcake) I thought about how if you ever had to throw together a last-minute dinner party you could get everything you could possibly need right here. Wine being the exception. Which is unfortunate.

Let’s start with the flowers.


How about an arrangement of different blooms in varying shades of pink?


Or a single Gerber daisy, trimmed and floating in a small bowl at each place setting?


Then again, a large clear vase with several bunches of tulips could make for a great statement piece.


Flowers not your thing? An artfully arranged bowl of fruit could also serve as a beautiful and rustic centerpiece.

Now, how about some nibbles? I know that a cheese course could play a role as a lovely desert but since I’m not hosting any Europeans at this imaginary dinner party let’s set some out for guests to nosh on while we wait for everyone to arrive.


A selection of three to four cheeses. Ranging from a mild and milky brie to a crumbly and pungent Roquefort.


And some tasty jam and chutney to go with it.


Accompanied by different types of bread for dipping into a grassy olive oil.

Looking for an elegant and unexpected starter?


How about shucked oysters served with a glass of bubbly?

Followed by…..


Grilled salmon or a delicate sautéed lemon sole.


Served with steamed baby artichokes…


…and roasted mushrooms.

And, of course, a stunning desert!


Who doesn’t love a fabulous lemon tart? Plus, you could always pretend you made it.


For the chocoholics in the room, a cookie and bite-sized brownie plate would do quite nicely.

And finally, something fun for guests to take home with them.


I know I would totally dig getting a little package of cookies or cupcakes before I left.


Lo0k at the cute little white chocolate-dipped heart cookies! And then roll your eyes at the “waaaaaaayyyyy to0 early for this” green monsters.

Dean & DeLuca also sells a large array of spices and gourmet dried and canned goods, as well as a small selection of housewares. So you can really get everything you could possibly need here, and you’ll only have to take out a small bridge loan to pay for it.

Luckily, I am not having people over anytime soon so was able to leave with my wallet intact. But I did bring this cute little guy home with me. Alas, he met with an untimely demise upon arrival.


Why yes, I do eat my cupcakes in bed. Don’t you?

Have a fantastic weekend you guys. Stay warm and get some treats to cuddle up with.


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