Bubby’s Tribeca

One of my favorite places to meet up for a long and leisurely late morning catch up with my bestie, K, is Bubby’s in Tribeca. Bubby’s started out as a wholesale pie company back in 1990, and while they still make some of the best freaking pie in the city, their 24 hour menu, filled with burgers, fried chicken and pancakes, is a comfort foodie’s dream.



I’ve always loved Bubby’s. Even though the food’s not always perfect, and it can get ridiculously busy, it’s the first place that I ever shared a meal with this gorgeous little man and so it will forever be my favorite breakfast place in New York.

Little man D.

Little man D (2011)

Bubby’s believes in real food, which makes me like it even better. Particularly since the owner has a potty mouth and he ain’t afraid to use it.

They also make a mean Vodka Arnold Palmer. This one happens to be virgin, as I am not quite yet at the point where I am comfortable using the phrase “It’s five o’clock somewhere,” at nine thirty in the morning. But trust me, that day is coming.


Usually I go for the sourdough pancakes but since this was technically my second breakfast (what? I get up early) I opted for something on the lighter side.


Farm fresh eggs, home fries, seven grain bread with homemade strawberry jam, heritage bacon and a melt in your mouth slab of melon.

My gorgeous and fit friend K, not surprisingly, got this.



And it took a man of steel level of will power for me NOT to get a slice of this.


I mean really? I should get an award or something for walking away from this thing. An award made of pie.

Bubby’s has two locations, Tribeca and Japan (I know, right?) and they’re opening up a new one near the High Line (corner of Gansevoort and Washington) later this summer. You guys should totally go.


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  1. Well when you get back you’ll give them your recipe for fish and cchips….. all good here and have a fabulous weekend Xxxx To your honey as well of course !!

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