When a man loves a woman

If you ever want to test how much your sig other loves you casually suggest that you spend a ninety plus degrees Saturday afternoon at a petting zoo. At a farm. In New Jersey.

J loves me. A lot.

I was surfing a local NJ website when I read that a farm a few towns over had a brand new litter of kids (baby goats, not human five year olds). Immediately I started trying to figure out a way to trick/bribe J into taking me to see them. Turns out that no tricking/bribing was necessary as a bout of good old-fashion whining of “Plllleeeeeeeaaaassssseeeee, pleeeeeeeeaaaaasssssseeeee can we go see the baaaaabbbbiiieeessss….” worked quite nicely.


Alstede Farms in Chester, NJ is the largest Certified Organic farm in Morris County. The family owned farm spans over 600 acres and has been devoted to sustainable and organic farming methods for over 30 years (note: not all of the farm is organic). They are open year round which means that you can go pick your own fruits and veggies whenever you want. There’s also a farm store for those of us (ahem) that are not into working for our meal.

But enough about that. It’s GOAT TIME! (get it?)


These two had zero interest in anything we humans had to offer. They simply could not be bought. Not even with a rotting carrot.


I think he knew that his creepy eyes were freaking me out and started acting all crazy just to mess with me.


This guy? girl? was beautiful.






Everyone wanted to feed the babies. A fact not lost on the adults who were constantly trying to bogart the food pellets.


I’m pretty sure the bigger goat is a girl. Otherwise this would be a completely different sort of website.


Bet you don’t know what this is.


It’s a freaking GOAT WALK!. You put a bunch of pellets into the cup and then crank the conveyor belt up to the waiting goat at the top. I don’t know why this exists, but I’m guessing the goat that figured out that this was the best place to chill is pretty jazzed about it.


There’s a ton of stuff for kids to do. Including hay and pony rides, and a summer farm day camp.


You can rent out your own private area for birthday parties. Or even for a wedding.


They also grow and sell a large assortment of flowers.


And couldn’t-be-any-fresher eggs.


And finally there was this sweet guy (or girl). Doesn’t he/she just make you want to take a little nap in the shade?

If you have children and are within driving distance you should check it out. There were a ton of kids here and they all seemed to be having a really fun time. Lots of squeals and giggles. And not just from me.


PS: I really need to learn to tell whether an animal is a boy or a girl, without having to try to look at their privates.

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  1. We have some goats too at an ice cream place by us, they’re behind an electric fence (not sure if it’s to keep the goats in or the humans out), but it never stops me from scratching their heads…they seem to really enjoy this as they keep head butting my hand every time I stop…do have to be careful though because they can get a little nippy, and even though they haven’t broken skin, it can hurt when they chomp down on your palm.

  2. You know how to really hurt my feelings. He only took me to the Bronx zoo. And for no more than 45 minutes. Big kiss miss you guys Xxx

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