My dog day of summer

One of my favorite people in New York is not even a person. It’s this little smoosh of a Brussels Griffon, Bisoux. Or BZ for those that know and love her. Which is basically everyone.

Happy Bisie

Happy BZ.


Pensive BZ. Or is it Stalking BZ? Do dogs stalk? Oh who cares, isn’t she ADORABLE???

Bisoux is French for “kisses”. And you haven’t lived until you’ve gotten a kiss on the nose from BZ. I hadn’t seen her or her daddy, Mark, in a bit and needed a fix. Happily they were hanging out at the dog run at Tomkins Square Park in the East Village. Along with these characters….


You can’t see it but Mark has a treat in his hand. It’s an organic vegan treat. That’s what the world has come to. Or at least the world of East Village dog parks.


I almost put this little boo boo in my purse to take home with me.

After a few hours of catching up while watching the canine shenanigans we decided to grab a bite somewhere nearby. One of the coolest things about BZ is that she’s actually part Brussels Griffon part Monkey mix. She likes to climb. Especially up on her dad.


She’d stay there all day if Mark let her.


Which he does.

The only time I go to the East Village is if I’m meeting Mark and BZ. I know zero about the neighborhood but plan on doing some exploring this summer. Mark suggested we keep with the theme of the day and grab a couple of dogs at Crif Dogs on St. Marks Place. If you were to look up the definition of a “joint in the East Village” you’d see a picture Crif Dogs.







This thing scared me a little. WTF?


Mark got two of the Chihuhuas (Bacon wrapped dog with avocados and sour cream), with a side of angioplasty.


I settled for a plain ole’ Crif Dog with relish. It was goooooood.

Crif’s doesn’t allow dogs but we like to live on the edge.


Shhhh….be vewy, vewy quiet.

Have a great weekend you guys. Next time you hear from me I’ll be blogging from across the pond.


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