The Big Smoke

What up and cheerio from London y’all. We have SO much to cover. But before we get into it I need to get something off my chest. HEY BRITISH POUND STERLING, GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Okay then, let’s get to it.

I decided to try something new and took a 9:00 a.m. flight instead of the usual overnighter, and omg is that the way to do this trip you guys. You get to wake up at a decent hour the day of, watch a few movies and relax with a glass of champs (or two) on the way over, arrive at your hotel in time for a fashionably late dinner (or yummy room services in my case), get a good night’s sleep and then wake up feeling normal the next day. It cuts down on the jet lag considerably and you don’t wind up having to roam foreign city streets looking like the unwashed and crumply mess that you are while waiting to check into your hotel.

And speaking of hotels, I cannot say enough about how much I am loving the Sanderson. It’s in a great part of town (between Soho and Marylebone) and has the funky eclectic feel that’s a mix of New York City sophistication and luxury and Miami over-the-top trendiness.

This couch will literally kiss your ass.

This couch will literally kiss your ass. (Salvador Dali’s “Red Lips” sofa.)



What is that Velvet?


Love this shade of blue.


This was shot with my new pancake lens. It makes my camera considerably lighter and takes great shots even when you have low light. (I am experimenting with using / not using the auto setting and flash.)


Game of Thrones. Canadian version. (Billiards room)



Gorgeous raspberry felt.


Night of arrival cozy late night supper.



Let’s be honest, they had me at “Hi”.


The next morning started off with still warm croissants, jam and a perfect latte.

I love Instagram filters. And no, I did not eat all four croissants. As far as you know.


After much lounging and general messing about I headed to meet a friend for lunch at Roka, which you can read about here.  Then it was off to the other side of London for a visit with L, an expat from NYC. Since it was gorgeous out, and L’s flat was on the other side of Regent’s Park, I decided to try to walk off as much of my gargantuan lunch (and vat of sake) as I could.

Regent’s park is one of the royal parks of London. It’s huge (over 400 acres), has a canal, zoo, lake, open air theater, cafes and beautiful english gardens. I didn’t have a lot of time to explore as I was on a schedule, but here are a few quick shots.






An oxymoron.

The long walk was exactly what I needed and I arrived at L’s a bit schvitzy but sober, which is a win win for all involved I think.

When L and her husband first moved to London they had one baby….


Rex. Chillin with his bestie.

And then they had two…..



And now they have three!


I mean would you look at that smile??

We had a long catch up. There were gin and tonics, a bit of gossiping and a lot of cuteness involved.

A great day indeed.


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