And that is why I will never be a professional child photographer

One of the reasons I added London to my itinerary this time around  was so that I could see my lovely friend V and meet sweet, five-month-old J. V lives in the suburbs of London in one of those adorable villages where everyone knows everyone and the twirly streets are filled with rows of quaint brick British homes. Since V’s village was only a 15 minute train ride from London I decided to forgo getting a car service (which no doubt would have cost several thousand dollars given the suckiness of the current exchange rate) and hoofed it to Kings Cross station.

King's Cross

From my Instagram feed. While I will always be a Grand Central girl, this station is incredible.

When I called V to tell her what train I’d be on I must have said something about how I was feeling a bit Harry Potterish because she informed me that this was, in fact, the station from the movie and that there was, in fact, an actual platform 9 and 3/4. OMG OMG OMG, you would have thought that she had told me that there was a part of the station where they were giving away puppies who could bake cupcakes because I hung up on her in mid sentence and barreled my way through the crowd towards the sign that read “Platforms 9 – 11”.


This could have been me but my train was boarding and the line was just too long. I blame the one who shall not be named. (Actually, it couldn’t have been me because they make you wear these skanky Hogwarts scarfs and there is not enough hand sanitizer in all of Great Britain.)

The ride took no time and I was soon at V’s beautiful home making squidgy faces and cooing noises at J.

Who had zero interest in me.

Or my camera.

“Lady I don’t know who you are but you have a weird accent and you need to get that thing out of my face.”


“Maybe if I look over here she’ll take the hint.”


 “I can do this aaaaaallllllll day if I have to.”




“Sigh…..this is exhausting.”

I finally resigned myself to the fact that a smile was not happening. So I settled for the next best thing…


Cute little piggies going to market!!

After my humbling defeat V and I grabbed a spot of tea in a nearby village and had a proper catch up over a cuppa.


You can't see it here but I poured my team into a tall glass of ice to V''s and everyone else's horror.


We then spent the rest of the day in V’s sunny back garden, chatting and having cuddles with J. Isn’t life just marvelous sometimes?

Enjoy the weekend you guys! Next stop, Edinburgh!


PS: One thing you should know about me. I don’t give up. Ever.



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3 replies

  1. That’s also a likely scenario. 🙂

  2. They make you wear the scarf?? 😦 The baby is super cute, but I imagine it would be like trying to take pictures of my cats. They stare dead at you until you lift the camera, and then all you see is a fuzzy little streak.

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