Early winners and losers in Edinburgh

Sorry so long between posts guys. The interneta not so gooda ata my hotela in Venizia so we are a bit behind. Where were we? Oh yes, the journey to Scotland.

I decided to take the train from London to Edinburgh. The trip takes about four and a half hours. The scenery is well worth it.


The first three hours pretty much look like this.



During the last hour of the trip the rolling green hills fade away and are replaced with cliff-side views of the North Sea. Which I did not get a decent shot of, unfortunately. But trust me, it was beautiful. By they way, do you see how sunny it is? I lucked out weather wise. Mid-seventies and sunny the whole time I was there. Luck of the Scottish, I guess. Wait, that’s not right….

I had sprung for first class but to be honest it wasn’t worth it. The lunch is on par with a sandwich from Subway and the free wifi worked maybe thirty percent of the time. Drinks were free for the entire journey, however, but unless you want to get to Scotland completely wasted save your BPS and take coach.

I got to my hotel around dinnertime and decided to wait to explore the city until morning. I stayed at The Glasshouse hotel, located between New Town and Old Town, at the foot of Calton Hill.


The hotel was built behind the 150 year old facade of the Lady Glenorchy Church. What a brilliant marriage of past and present.

My review of the hotel is mixed. I would give it five stars for location, cleanliness and decor, and three stars for service. I won’t get into the details but the hotel seems woefully understaffed and disorganized. I would have given them an even lower score but they were extremely apologetic and did comp all of my (five star) breakfasts.

One thing that did make the hotel a standout was its almost two acre roof garden that was sheer perfection when it came to winding down after a long day of sightseeing.




View from one side of the terrace.

From the other...

View from the other.


The plastic modern decor is not my usual cup of tea, but it worked.

It was getting late and I was starving. I was also lazy and just hopped into a random restaurant a few doors down from the hotel. Dinner at CC Blooms, while not spectacular, was hearty and tasty. (Note: CC Blooms (named after Bette Midler’s character in Beaches — sob) is actually a gay club and bar so the reviews are all over the place on tripadvisor.)


Spicy meatballs with big hunks of fresh bread. (Pretty good)


Vegetable pakora. (Meh)



Fat and happy I called it a day.

More on the unique beauty of Edinburgh soon.


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