Month: July 2013

My dog day of summer

One of my favorite people in New York is not even a person. It’s this little smoosh of a Brussels Griffon, Bisoux. Or BZ for those that know and love her. Which is basically everyone. Bisoux is French for “kisses”…. Read More ›

Boozy lunch at MoMA

On Wednesday, one of my oldest friends in New York, R, and I agreed to meet at The Musuem of Modern Art to check out the new Rain Room exhibition. We planned on getting there nice and early so that… Read More ›

Bubby’s Tribeca

One of my favorite places to meet up for a long and leisurely late morning catch up with my bestie, K, is Bubby’s in Tribeca. Bubby’s started out as a wholesale pie company back in 1990, and while they still… Read More ›

I’m Bringing Juicing Ba-ack

Anyone remember the juicing trend? A few months ago it seemed like all anyone could talk/write/blog about was juicing. “It’s one of the best things you can do for your body…blah, blah…it makes your hair shiny…blah, blah….it gives you the… Read More ›