This little piggy went to The Hamptons

Hi guys!

Sorry I was a bit MIA last week. I spent a few days in Amagansett hanging with some of my most favorite people in the entire world, K and little man D.

I spent the majority of my time there doing this:


New fave sun products, Hampton Sun.

While looking out at this:


I couldn’t have gotten luckier with the weather. High 70s, lots of sun and a great breeze off the ocean. Just like Scotland. 🙂

The day I arrived, little man D’s butterfly — that he’d watched over and cared for from baby caterpillar to chrysalis — hatched. We waited to release it until D got home from camp. The look of joy and wonder on his face was priceless. So was the look on K’s face when he asked if we could release it in the house so that he could keep it as a pet forever and ever.

Thinking about it...

Thinking about it….


Still thinking about it….pensively….while looking out at the ocean. (I forget that little kids are actually just small humans,)

A few minutes later D let his friend fly free and we all watched as it fluttered away. Heart. Melted. Into. Puddle.

With butterfly shenanigans out of the way, D went to take and nap and K and I headed out to a late lunch at one of The Hamptons great dining institutions, the Lobster Roll, or as the locals refer to it, Lunch.


Any idea why people call this place Lunch?


Loved all of the reds, whites and blues!

The Lobster Roll opened in 1965, as a tiny roadside clam shack, and has been credited with inventing the cold version of the sandwich for which it is named after. At the time it opened, it was the only restaurant in all of Long Island that offered lobster rolls. The HORROR.

They have a huge menu filled with your favorite beach side fare. From fried clams, to fish and chips, to steamed lobster (complete with bib), to yummy tuna burgers. They also have a large bar with an impressive selection of cool and frosty margaritas.

K and I settled on the “skinny” versions.


The waiter took our request for extra limes very seriously.


Fried clam bellies. I had to get these, they remind me of summers at the Cape.


Please note that this food was for only the two of us. Do with that as you will.


Some of the best fish and chips this side of London. The cod had been caught just that morning.


The famous lobster roll. OH. MY. GOD. Totally worth the hype.

We spent the rest of day relaxing and laughing our butts off at the various rediculousness we’ve been through over our past fourteen years of friendship. I love that girl more than my luggage. (Bonus points for film reference.)

After a light dinner of freshly caught grilled tuna (K’s hubby, J, had reeled in a 51 pounder the day before — that guy can seriously do EVERYTHING,) we took a stroll to see the beautiful new home that K and J were building a little further down the beach.

The house took my breath away. It’s not at a place where I can share it with you yet but they really did such an amazing job designing it. It just fits so beautifully within the natural landscape of the dunes. I can’t wait until it’s done so that I can move in. (Um…don’t tell K I said that. I want it to be a surprise.)


D leading the way and explaining to me how whenever you see a car you have to move over to the side of the road and stand still until  it passes. Clearly I am a slow learner as he had to explain it to me many, many times.

After D went to bed, K and I chatted and sipped Rose until the sun went down.



The following morning I took a long, long walk on the beach. I was born a few blocks away from the Black Sea. The sound of breaking waves and scent of salt water form some of my earliest memories. I try to get to the water at least once every year. It calms and centers me like nothing else in my life.


You diggin my Instagram skillz?




The rest of the day was a repeat of the day before; sans the ton of fried food but with buckets of ice cream.

And then there was dinner. Oh holy yummers.


The infamous Nick and Toni’s.

Nick and Toni’s is pretty much responsible for the current restaurant scene in the Hamptons. It has been a local favorite for the past twenty-five years. As Nora Ephron once put it, “I don’t have time to get romantically involved with another restaurant. I’m married to Nick and Toni’s.” People, many of them famous, come here again, and again, and again.

The restaurant features a seasonal Tuscan/Mediterranean menu and sources its products from its own organic garden, as well as from local fisherman and farmers. The decor is informal and comfortable, and features a stunning brick oven with a beautiful mosaic created by local artisans. Believe me, anything coming out of that oven — you want to be on that.


Hi, my name is Rio and I refuse to let go of the late 90s. Look upon my Meyer Lemon Cosmo and rejoice.


Zucchini Chips. Done expertly. Great bite and not at all greasy.


Watermelon salad, Pecorino Romano, N&T Garden Mint, Red Onion and Kalamata Olives.


Wood Oven Roasted Black Bass, served with Local Cucumber, Bell Pepper, Yogurt, Coriander salad. (I named him Chuck.)


Free Range Chicken, Crushed Yukon Gold Potatoes, Roasted Garlic, House-cured Pork.


Just in case you were wondering if I enjoyed my Chuck.


Gorgeous glass of Port for dessert. (Okay, I maybe also had a slice of chocolate cake, but it was meh and not worth posting.)

Dinner lasted for over three hours. We had a blast.

Few things in this world can rival a great meal shared with one of your best girlfriends. Can’t wait for the next one K!


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  1. Love Steel Magnolias. Enough to name my daughter Shelby.

  2. I always feel hungry after reading your posts. Why is that? 😉

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