We’d been talking about getting a dog for a while. It was always in the plan but the right time never seemed to present itself. We were traveling too much. We were living in two places. We had the wedding coming up…

Then on the way home from spending Thanksgiving with my family in Boston I saw an update in my FB feed that a rescue organization in a nearby town was having an open house.

“Let’s swing by and get some information,” I said. “You know, for when we’re ready.”

“Sure, but we’re not getting a dog today right?” said J, shooting me a nervous sideways glance.

“Oh my god, OF COURSE not. I can’t even begin to think about getting one until after the holidays,” was still echoing in my ears as not three hours later I stood in line at PetSmart with two cart loads of supplies.


Internets meet our sweet little Sonny.


She does actually have a tail.

Our Sonny Dog


Crate training. Nailed it.



Famous last words. “No dogs on the bed.”

No dogs on the bed


Passed out New Year’s Eve. You can’t see it but we drew a penis on her forehead with a black magic marker.

New Year's Eve


We’re gonna need a bigger bed.

Bigger Bed


I am invisible.

I am invisible


Just let me get one. Just one. And then I promise I’ll leave the bunnies alone. Pleeeeeeaaaaasssseeee.

Just 1 bunny.


I feel like this one belongs in the Oval Office. Right next to the photo of Kennedy.



There are at least four organic cotton dog beds in this house.

Guard Duty


We named her Sonny, after Santino Corleone. Cause Mario Puzo killed him off WAY too early and it’s always kind of bugged us.

She was about two years old when we got her. A mix of shepherd, shiba and husky — we think. And she’s changed our lives.

The organization we worked with is Home for Good Dog Rescue in Summit, NJ. They are a 100% foster-based organization that rescues puppies and dogs facing euthanasia. They partner with organizations in the South and make regular trips to the high-kill centers in Georgia where they arrange for medical care and transportation back to New Jersey.

Here are a few of the cuties they currently have up for adoption:





If you’re looking to change a life, yours, then please check them out. Adopt, donate or become a foster.

Oh, and if you have a furry friend that’s the light of your life, I’d love to see ’em!




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  1. Ohmygodsheisocute!!! God, I miss having a dog.

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