Lost in Venice

I have been to Venice before. A long, long time ago. A distant memory ago, in fact. The immigration process from Russia back then involved a lengthy stint in Western Europe before being granted entrance into the United States. We… Read More ›

As if in a dream….

  This place shouldn’t exist. That was the thought that ran through my head when my water taxi turned sharply around the bend and I saw Venice floating ahead in the distance. It was late afternoon and I was standing up… Read More ›

Add these to your bucket list

You haven’t lived until you’ve heard a beautiful little girl speak with a Scottish trill. You also haven’t lived until you’ve had back bacon. Let’s start with the bacon, naturally. One of the redeeming qualities of the hotel I was… Read More ›

The Big Smoke

What up and cheerio from London y’all. We have SO much to cover. But before we get into it I need to get something off my chest. HEY BRITISH POUND STERLING, GO FUCK YOURSELF. Okay then, let’s get to it. I… Read More ›